Carleton’67 Reunion Logo & Theme

The Carleton’67 reunion logo is a triad we can view in two ways as a reunion theme:

Viewed either way, our 35th Carleton reunion in 2002 is likely to be the last reunion when most of us are still in the “Growth” stage, while our 40th will find many in our class early in the transition to “Reconnection,” and by our 45th we will have a wealth of post-transition experience to share.

The word “Carleton” is positioned to span the first two transitions in the logo, representing that our Carleton experience prepared us in our most vulnerable years for the transition from “education” to “growth.” Now Carleton again offers unique opportunities as we proceed into “the rest of our lives” to reconnect with people, interests, ideas, values, and that special place first encountered in Northfield in the 60’s.

Your reunion committee proposes making our 35th, 40th, and 45th reunions a continuum of goals, plans, and events to reconnect our classmates with each other and, thereby, fully explore all the dimensions of “reconnecting”  -- all in advance of, or setting the stage for, our 50th reunion celebration in 2017.   We envision scheduling panels, discussions, and presentations (by, e.g., doctors and specialists in our class dealing with aging, second careers, transitions, etc.) across these reunions that will engage all of the Class of ’67.  And, we hope to exploit web-based technology (and its successors?) to make these reunion activities an accessible, living forum for ideas and communications continually from 2002 onwards, not just in reunion years.