Class of '67
Hill of the 3 Oaks
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We will always remember our classmates who are deceased...
We welcome submission of tributes and recent photos of these classmates to post, and news of others who pass on.  

Christine Andersen

James Barron
(Deceased TBD)

John Bennetts
(Deceased 1977-02-04

Joel Boehlke

(Deceased 1996-11-25)

Anne Brown
(Deceased 2005-02-22 TBD-Deedee)

Bill Burger

(Deceased 1991-03-23)

Read Bill Smoker's remembrance of Bill

Richard Cope

(Deceased 2000-12-06 TBD-Peter Schwei)

Ken Dill

(Deceased 1989-08-20)

Read Barbara McHugh's tribute to Ken

Martin Erickson
(Deceased 1967-08-30)

Michael B. Fisher
(Deceased TBD)

Steve Graham
(Deceased 2006-12-20)

Read Charles High's memories of Steve

Read 2 remembrances by Steve's colleagues in the Colorado non-profit community

Tina Hasler
Deceased 1971-09-04)

Mary Joan Hertzog (O'Mara)
Deceased TBD)

Mary Lou Hoerr (Bingham)
(Deceased 2004-04-06)

Read her family's eulogy & photos

John Hyslop
(Deceased 1993-07-23)

Read Yani Sinanoglou's tribute to John

Lorin Jordan
(Deceased 1992-12-11 TBD Peter S.)

Rosadel (Rosie) Logelin
(Deceased 2009-12-11)

Read Rosie's obit and friends' fond memories of her

Bob Masur
(Deceased 1985-04-09  ANN LIEBEWITZ)

Robert L. Romeiser
(Deceased TBD)

Edwin Schneeberg
(Deceased TBD)

Catherine (Moore) Sedore
(Deceased 2002-09-29)

Read Barbara (Ellingson) Petersen's
reminiscence of Cathy

Charles "Lex" Mottl
(Deceased 2003-04-21)

Read Mike Trucano's tribute to Lex

Kathy Porikos (Koopmans)
(Deceased TBD)

Read Barbara (Ellingson) Petersen's
reminiscence of Kathy

Steve Rector
(Deceased 1991-07-20)

Janet Rye (Fleetwood)
  (Deceased ~2008 TBD-ChrisF)

Lee Sigelman
(Deceased 2009-12-21)
Read John Winberg's tribute to Lee, plus links to Washington Post obituary and his blog

Pete Szabad
(Deceased 2006-05-26)

Joanne (Wheeler) Whitney

(Deceased 2011-11-06)
Visit Joanne's remembrance page

Warner Whipple

(Deceased TBD)

Ellen Woodruff

(Deceased 1997-01-10 LIISA J.. MIKE T.)

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