Carleton College
Class of '67
35th Reunion (June 20-23, 2002)
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Our Two 2002 Alumni Association Award Recipients for
Distinguished Achievement
Gary Sundem
Bob Alsdorf
Gary L. Sundem
Robert H. Alsdorf
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Scenes from the Reunion

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Dave Rowe, MGD, Walter Dean
Bob "G" Geyer Barb Peterson & Hub Roger
Ben Davis Bill Whitney & His Fans Anne Brown, crowd
Brenda Ringwald & Mike Trucano Chip Morrison Chris Leininger (Furlanetto)
Ed Turcotte-Shamski Barb Peterson (Lyons)
Innes Loustau (Matheny) Jack Eugster Marc & Roberta Mosiman
Sean Beany Rob Lund Petra & James Garnett
Tom Dean etc. Walter Dean Mike Trucano, John Winberg, Skip Hall, & Jack Eugster
Skip Hall & Jev Sikes Conversations around the Bald Spot Anne Brown, John Lemly, & Brenda Ringwald
Ben Davis, RobLund, Bob Alsdorf & MGD Mark Duback & our student "proctor" Carleton Knights serenade us at dinner
Ruth Hart, Bob "G" Geyer, Anne Brown Myer Marsha Garbish (Harbison) Jack Kyte & Bob "Dorf" Alsdorf
Ben Davis, the Thiels, Jack Kyte Bob Alsdorf, an MGD, Ben Davis, Rob Paarlberg
Ben Davis, Rob Lund, MGD, Dorf Brunch Bunch
Rob Paarlbert
Brenda at Mic
Jev Sikes at Mic
G & Brenda
Meandering before Parade of Classes Talking up the Parade of Classes Chatting up the Parade of Classes
Waiting for the Parade of Classes Gathering Strength for the Parade of Classes Ann Jansen Abby, Rob "Tiny" Thiel, & Crowd for Parade of Classes
Shady on the Bald Spot Grant Harland James Garnett
Jev's Therapy Group
Ed, Frances, Anne J. Eating in Tent
Dave Jensen, Brenda, Dorf

John L. leering, Anne B. Jack E., G, Brenda, Mike T., Rob L. Mort & Bagger
Rob Lund Petra & James Garnett Mosimen
Jim Hanson
Deborah Gavin (Frangquist)

Bagger hits a short foul Victorious '67 Rotblatters Dorf illegally bunts in Rotblatt
  Hal "Halbutt" "Webmaster" Halgutt" Hart
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